“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want” – Zig Ziglar 

Corporate Social Investment & Responsibility 

For any country’s success and growth, we need scientists who innovate and research, which leads to job creation. For that to happen, education is key and the department has highlighted Maths, Science and Technology as the main subjects to concentrate on. We make available the latest world class products and CAPS compliant equipment.

It is a proven fact, people learn by doing. We can partner with your organisation in providing resources to communities who most need it. BMS believes reciprocity and currently embarks on its own projects uplifting communities through equipment donations to schools. Some of the schools who have benefitted from our initiatives are: Al-Azhar Primary in Paarl, Bridges of Hope, Habibia Primary, Focussed High School, Langa High School etc.

Other projects we assist with include NGO’s such as Peninsula School Feeding Association. Part of every order’s proceeds goes to the feeding of hungry school children. Other community projects include: Mustadaffin Foundation, Ke-Nako/Believe Projects - involved in Early Childhood Development. (More of this - News Page)

How do we got about it?

If your organisation wishes to assist a school(s), we can propose solutions which can include: Mobile Lab Unit, Kits, Equipment, ICT equipment, or a combination of all, in Science, Maths or Technology. Training, monitoring and measuring your impact are all part of the cost. We will meet with you and the proposed donee, ascertain the requirements, implement a solution, monitor and measure by checking to ensure the impact of your investment to the school.

How you or your company get involved? 


Education currently attracts 50% of SCI spend in SA. There are tax benefits for companies as well. Simply give us a call or email, one of our sales agents will gladly sit down with your organisation propose and discuss some solutions.

Here we acknowledge our current and past CSI partners: Old Mutual, AVENG, Saficon, Arcelor Mittal Group, Dimension Data and parastatals: PetroSA, ESKOM.

To achieve more and be part of the solution, we need your investment today in our youth for tomorrow’s innovators. Leave a footprint and let you or your company leave a legacy.


Looking at some of the solutions more closely


-- They are modular, starting from grades 4-7, 8-9 and finally 10-12

-- Easy to set up and comes with a step by step experiments guide with answers which are CAPS compliant

-- Parts of kit are available separately, replenishments and breakages

-- Storage is provided either in cabinet or punnet form 

Mobile Lab Units 

A mobile lab can be shuttled between classrooms allowing those schools without a dedicated science class to demonstrate experiments. Equipment can be packed in the mobile lab unit.Mobile Lab Units


The cost to develop and maintain a laboratory is still relatively expensive. The mobile lab unit adequately addresses a few simple requirements: the unit is portable for allowing it to move from one classroom/school to the next; it is cost effective and simple to use with minimal maintenance; with the new CAPS curriculum, teachers are now required to conduct practical experiments, making this a real necessity.  

  • – Melamine lockable two door unit

  • – Partitioned section houses two large containers for clean and waste water Mobile Lab Unit

  • – Gas cylinder situated on shelf

  • – Pump-hand action for water supply at basin, gas outlet on top surface

  • – Mobile with lockable castors for stability

  • – Size: 1200 x 600 x 850mm high, Weight 70kg


Other solutions 


We also have a CAPS list of basic requirements for each grade and subject, drawn up with the help of the DOE, which can be provided. The list can be used to replenish or stock the mobile lab unit / kits, otherwise provide a tailor made solution for a bigger class or a specific learning area. A combination of solutions which include ICT equipment (interactive whiteboards, etc) are also available.

For a formal quote and proposal contact us

Quick Recap on our solutions: Laboratory furniture setup; Curriculum based products; Product training and demonstrations to teachers supporting learning

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