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Monitor Display Unit for the Edu-Logger® Datalogging system. Battery operated. Displays the Edu-Logger sensors' values. Each of the Edu-Logger sensors incorporate their own individually programmable microprocessors and have memory - therefore each sensor is a datalogger in its own right - recording and storing data independently of any other. To program the sensors: a sensor connected to either a PC or the Monitor Display Unit (MDU). They can be connected singly or in chains (multiple sensors at a time). To power the sensors: directly from a PC or the MDU - or powered individually or in chains from a Battery Unit. The addition of RF Communication modules in both the sensor chain and plugged into the USB Bridge at the PC - or the MDU - allows remote connection with sensors up to 30m (in open space). 10 bit resolution is provided for most sensors and sampling rates vary from 10 -000 per second to 1 per hour - depending on the sensor concerned. Experiment durations are from 25ms to 31 days - dependent on the sensor and the sampling rate. Four modes of operation: On-line experiment: Continuous and Single step modes and Off-line experiment.
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